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About the winner - TradedWell

Located in Cyprus, TradedWell is a broker platform operated by iTrade Global (CY) Ltd. The broker with registration number HE 335424 and license number 298/16 provides its services based on the authorization from regulating body Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). In addition to operating according to the regulations of the CySEC, TradedWell also performs its operations according to policies laid down by agencies and bodies like the ICF, MiFID, EU, etc. Being a member of the ICF (Investors Compensation Fund) ensures that there are no negative balances. Furthermore, the platform operates segregated accounts that separate the company’s funds from the clients’, and thus, in the likelihood that the company runs into financial troubles, the clients’ funds will remain safe and secure.

If you are looking for a broker platform with good security and topnotch service delivery, then TradedWell is as safe as can be, little wonder the platform has bagged an award this year, considering that there are several competitors within the industry. TradedWell broker platform is not just providing broker services, but they are also ensuring that it is as simple as possible, even for a beginner who may not be familiar with the processes.

The Award

Best Trading Conditions 2020

Flexibility is the game changer that TradedWell has brought to the online broker community, and this has helped the platform provide trading conditions that clients love. Its account system is more flexible than some other competitor brokers, and the trading conditions are competitive especially when a client’s account has gotten the gold status or platinum. It is also worthy of note that the swap costs are also highly competitive because they are very low with spread conditions that are really tight. The broker allows trades to be carried out on multiple CFD instruments that span different market types including metals, shares, currency pairs, cryptocurrency, and commodities. TradedWell offers users financial derivatives that are complex, but with commendable trade competitions and topnotch service delivery.

The Justification

Why is TradedWell awarded the “The Best Trading Conditions 2020”?

In an industry where there are so many brokers who offer similar services, it may be difficult to keep up and be innovative with service delivery, considering that some of the brokering services are basic among competitors. However, TradedWell has taken a different approach and is making it easier for so many users to enjoy the benefits of tradings, but they have taken it several notches higher by making the trading conditions very relatable, and that has invariably pushed the broker platform up the ladder to emerge as the platform with the best trading conditions in 2020. It is revolutionary move that should be encouraged, and we believe that this award is well deserved, considering that only a handful of broker platforms in the industry can make their swap costs as low as TradedWell’s, as well as have unusually tight spread conditions.

TradedWell gives users a different yet revolutionary outlook on brokering, with the tools that it has made available to perform trades seamlessly on its platform. We cannot overemphasize how user-friendly the interface is for both beginners and expert traders, and the embedded tools make it possible for traders to carry out their transactions with ease, as well as help them monitor the markets and their trades from both the comfort of their homes or offices, or even while on the move. Apart from the flexibility and versatility of the platform, we cannot also forget that by regulatory standards, the platform is also very secure, and users do not need to bother about their private data or funds getting into the hands of bad actors.

The Features

The Features

The platform was designed to help users carry out trading research with the aid of the available tools made available on the platform. With those tools, customers are in a better position to identify the best exit and entry points when performing trades. Generally, the tools are there to help traders make better informed decisions when trading or transacting. These research tools include reports, news articles, tools for market analysis, calendars for economics and earnings, sentiment readings, etc.

There is an educational section on the platform where users have access to different materials that aids learning. These educational materials come in different formats, including articles, courses, e-books, seminars, webinars, and videos.


Retail investors have access to 3 different accounts; Platinum, Gold, and Silver accounts, and each of the accounts come with their own peculiarities and variation in services. Interestingly, the broker’s customers will enjoy the best trading conditions across the three accounts, but some priority is given to some areas of the gold and platinum accounts.

It may interest you to know that opening an account on the TradedWell broker platform is seamless and straightforward. To open an account, you need to visit the TradedWell website, click on “Open Account” and follow the easy procedures in three steps. The first step involves filling a form with your bio-data, the second step is for uploading documents needed for verification, and the last step involves your depositing of funds to begin trading.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

There are different options for depositing or withdrawing funds on the platform, and these options add to the flexibility of the platform that invariably makes it easy for users to do the business on the platform. Some of the options include debit/credit cards, Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, SSL, Paysafe, etc. All of these contribute to making the platform deserving of the award, because they make trading conditions as easy as possible.


Users of the TradedWell platform have access to the broker’s high leverage provisions which helps the customers to increase their gains. However, it is important to note that the margin ratio is dependent on different factors like the asset being traded, the type of account, the time the trade is performed, etc.

Another commendable part of the TradedWell platform is their customer service, and the unit functions according to the standards of the industry. They are available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:00am to 4:00pm (GMT). There are different channels to get help; Live chat, Email, Telephone, and Feedback form.

TradedWell has won the BrokerCheck award “Best trading conditions 2020”.
CFD trading is risky. 80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider
TradedWell has won the BrokerCheck award “Best trading conditions 2020”. Still missing some info? Then check out our review!
CFD trading is risky. 80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider