Most Innovative Broker 2020


The Winner

About the winner - nextmarkets

nextmarkets GmbH, founded in 2014, is a German “FinTech” company with a subsidiary as a securities trading bank in Malta.

nextmarkets aims to educate and help private investors to operate more successfully on the stock market in the long term. Users can look over the shoulders of more than a dozen successful stock market professionals in a virtual environment. A worldwide unique technology has been developed for this purpose under the name “Curated Investing”.

The Award

Most Innovative Broker 2020

The Most Innovative Broker award is one of the most coveted BrokerCheck Awards. CFD and Forex providers are constantly trying to stand out from the competition with new functions and technologies. Understandably, because no matter whether beginner or professional, every trader wants a modern broker with as many and unique functions as possible.

nextmarkets was founded by former ayondo founder Manuel Heyden and his brother Dominic. With nextmarkets, classic social trading was finally further developed and additionally supplemented by industry innovations such as the Money Market CFD and various CFD baskets.

This year, nextmarkets impressed us particularly with its Social Trading 2.0 approach and both its own trading platform and its in-house innovative financial instruments are worth a further look.


The Justification

Why is nextmarkets the "Most Innovative Broker 2020"?

Why did nextmarkets receive our award? Most brokers regularly offer something new like a revised trading platform or new charting functions. But very few try to start a revolution. The approach of nextmarket tries to do just that.

Through Coachfolio and Curated Investing, nextmarkets offers traders and investors a completely new variant of social trading. In addition to this, nextmarkets has developed completely new CFD-based products that offer the investor a multitude of possibilities to invest in entire sectors simply and intuitively. With the so-called Money Market CFD, nextmarkets also offers a unique product with which the customer can secure a fixed performance of currently 1.25 % p.a.

A look at the ratings for the mobile app shows a similar picture. With 4.7 stars and over 700 reviews, the vast majority of traders are satisfied with nextmarkets and their mobile trading app.

The Features

The innovative features of nextmarkets


Coachfolio enables the automated copying of all trades of a selected or multiple coaches. You copy every trading activity of the selected trader and thus participate directly in the profit and loss. The trader has the choice of following all coaches or focusing on a specific selection of coaches. This even works with smaller deposits starting at 100 EUR. The development of the coach portfolio is updated in real time and is therefore transparent for the client at all times.

When using Coachfolio, all trading instruments are automatically traded, i.e. indices, stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptos, bonds and ETFs. This is because these are an integral part of the Coachfolio categories and cannot be deselected at the moment. However, the customer can determine individual parameters for each category and thus, for example, weight the different categories differently. A subsequent adjustment of the parameters is of course possible at any time.

Curated Investing

Curated Investing is simply the support of professional coaches and traders. They offer the client trading ideas, set-ups and concrete trading ideas to follow. But Curated Investing goes far beyond a classic signal service, as the coaches explain their trading in the form of a written monologue and backed with chart analysis. Basically, this is a guide to investing or trading.

In contrast to social trading, however, no private traders publish their analyses; instead, nextmarkets uses proven traders/coaches as mentors. As you can see in the following picture, new trading ideas of the coaches are highlighted and you can then decide to follow the trades.

The Order Mask

The order mask of nextmarkets is elegantly solved. You can place orders either in units or with a selected amount as long or short position. The function of entering a fixed amount as a margin is particularly popular with newcomers and makes placing orders even more intuitive. The leverage can also be freely selected (up to 1:100 as pro Trader and max. 1:30 as private customer).

The function of the variable leverage is particularly popular, especially as nextmarkets does not charge any financing costs for long positions with a 1:1 leverage. Also helpful is the “required margin” display, which shows the customer directly how much capital is required to open the position. In addition, you can see the point profit or loss for the selected size. Of course you can choose between Market Order (immediate execution) and Entry Order (choice of entry e.g. DAX 12050).

Investment Products

With its investment products, nextmarkets has created a completely new product class within the CFD trading universe. For example, the customer has the opportunity to invest in an entire sector of the economy with various baskets, all with just one trade.

In addition to the basket CFDs, nextmarkets has created an instrument with a fixed annual performance with the Money Market CFD. Despite the European Central Bank’s continuing zero-interest policy, nextmarkets offers its customers a current performance of 1.25 % per year with the Money Market CFD in these times. There is no minimum term or fixed maturity restrictions to which the customer must adhere. Thus, the Money Market CFD offers a maximum of flexibility and can be perfectly used to invest unneeded capital in the short or long term.

nextmarkets has won the BrokerCheck award “Most Innovative Broker 2020”.
CFD trading is risky. 75,5% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider
nextmarkets has won the BrokerCheck award “Most Innovative Broker 2020”. Still missing some info? Then check out our review!
CFD trading is risky. 75,5% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider